Custom namespaces

I'd like to suggest asking Wikia to add three custom namespaces to help with article organization. The new namespaces would be:

  • Application - This would be for articles about specific applications, such as Firefox, Audacity, etc...
  • Tutorial - This would be for articles about how to perform certain tasks, such as Compiling Scim-bridge and Related Packages.
  • Terminology - This would be for articles about file formats, file systems, hardware platforms, and articles about commands that don't refer to a specific implementation (such as sudo).

Adding these namespaces would leave the main namespace free for distros, meaning you could find a random distro just by clicking Random page on the navbar, and not have to put them all in a large category (like Category:Distros). The main disadvantage to this would be that things like Special:Uncategorizedpages wouldn't show stuff in the new namespaces, but this can be mitigated by having DPL enabled.