A customised remastered version of SimplyMepis with IceWM as its default desktop environment.

The most recent release of antiX (antiX-M8.5 code named Marek Edelman) runs a 2.6.32 kernel with Xorg 7.4 on i686 and i588 machines with about a 485MB footprint. It features the Abiword text editor, Gnumeric spreadsheet, Iceape browser, Pidgin instant messenger, Mplayer media player, pidgin chat client, Mtpaint graphics editor and epdfview. You will also find Dillo, Links2, LeafPad, Nano, gftp, Irssi, newsbeuter RSS reader, rTorrent, Flash, Xmms, Geany, geeqie, "Midnight Commander," Rox-filer, fluxbox, Xarchive, and gnomebaker cd/dvd burner.

If you would like install antiX to your hard drive run the minstall antiX installer. This is a breeze - now that old PC will have a new life and an multimedia happy internet connected platform complete with office essentials. Now you're ready to grab a few goodies that where left out using the Synaptic graphical package manager also provided like Inkscape for SVG drawings or perhaps IDLE (Python IDE - Python 2.4 is already installed).

For those who wish to have more control over what to install, an antiX-base.iso is available at c265MB. This can be very quickly and easily installed and sets you up into a fluxbox desktop and little else!

Since antiX-M8.5 release, those using k5/k6 processors or Pi should download the antiX-M8.5-486 version

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