Dormant distro
This distro has not seen a release or serious developer activity in over a year. It may have been abandoned by its creator(s). You should evaluate its status carefully before making a long-term commitment to this distro.
If this tag has been present for more than a year, please replace it with {{defunct-banner}}(Help). This page was tagged on 18:19, July 3, 2016 (UTC).

aptosid is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, Debian's most modern branch (called "Sid") and many free and open source applications. aptosid is a desktop-oriented Linux distribution based on the "unstable" Debian branch called Sid. The distribution consists of a Live-CD (bootable CD-ROM) for i686 or amd64 architecture and can be installed to a hard drive through a graphical installer.

aptosid is maintained by a small team of developers including former Kanotix developer Stefan Lippers-Hollmann (slh).

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