Linux Community Sites

This is a broad spectrum subject, because of the large number of distributions this could be a large list, so we will keep it to a minimum for now and focus on the most popular.

Linux communities could be broken down in to two groups, general and distro specific. Within the General group you will find several types of communities, ones that assist in hardware and software questions and ones that focus mostly on the business side of Linux.

Although Linux is considered a free and open Operating System is is still used in may corporate and business situations that warrant communities focused on that side of Linux.

General Linux Communities

  • - is pretty much a go to site for most linux users who are either just learning or who want to help people who are learning . A good site to go to if you have a problem with any distro. Their site tag line is "where Linux users come for help". They offer forums, HCL (Hardware Compatibility List), reviews, tutorials and articles. Registration is free.
  • Linux Hardware Guide - LHG is a very cut and dry site but offers one of the largest and always growing LHC lists on the internet. A perusal of the forums pretty much says it all, they are about hardware. If you have issues or want to know about hardware and linux it's the place to go.

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