A file manager or file browser, as the name suggests, is used to browse and manage files. Alternatively, this task can be accomplished using shell commands.

Graphical file managers

  • Konqueror – web browser and file manager of the KDE project
  • Nautilus – file manager of the Gnome project
  • Rox filer – file manager of the Rox Desktop
  • Thunar – file manager of the XFCE environmaent (drag-and-drop does not work properly)
  • Xfe – Windowsish file manager, fast and lightweight, no image preview, no desktop

Text mode

Shell commands

  • cd – change directory
  • ls – list directory
  • mkdir – make directory
  • rmdir – remove empty directory
  • cp – copy a file (use -r to copy a directory recurively)
  • rm – remove a file (use -r to remove a directory recurively. Beware!!!)
  • chmod – change mode
  • chown – change owner

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