KDE Plasma 5 is the fifth and current generation of the desktop environment developed by KDE. Plasma 5 is

the desktop component of KDE, and is the successor to KDE Plasma 4. It was first released on July 15, 2014.



KDE Plasma 5 is built using Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5. Plasma 5.0 improves support for HiDPI displays and ships a converged graphical shell, able to switch between the shells for different target devices. It includes a new default theme, known as Breeze.

Windowing Systems

Plasma 5 is developed for use with the X Window System, with support for Wayland under development. Full support for Wayland is expected in the 5.4 release.

Release History

Feature releases are timed at three month intervals, with intervening bug fix releases.

Version Date Features
5.0 July 15, 2014 First Release
5.1 October 15, 2014 Ported features from Plasma 4
5.2 January 27, 2015 New components including SSDM, Kscreen, and KDecoration
5.3 April 28, 2015 Tech preview of Plasma Media Center, improved bluetooth and touchpad support, enhanced power management
5.4 August 25, 2015 Initial Wayland support (Planned)


KDE Plasma 5 is the default desktop environment on Kubuntu since version 15.04

openSUSE Tumbleweed uses version 5.3

External Links

Wikipedia Page

KDE website

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