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Despite what may have been said by people other than the developers this is not a defunct distro, it is the case that the distro is only updated when necessary. The last release was in 2009, there is a planned release for the second quarter of 2010 with an autobuild system for winterm boot images.

The main focus of the project is to provide a full featured operating system with X window environment in under 2 megabytes of boot image. The minimal size of image (kernel+filesystem+X environment) is 620Kbytes.

The current web site is available at: X win soundproofing

A very efficient Linux/xwindows distribution, implementing a net centric operating environment and user friendly GUI within 1 or 2 floppy disks.


2diskxwin also includes a number of proprietary tools created by Mungkie specifically for the embedded X window system desktop.

  • Mungwm : a window manager
  • Mungbrowse : a web browser
  • Mungterm : a terminal program
  • Mungames : a collection of 12 games
  • Mungedit : a text editor
  • Mungfile : a file manager
  • NEW Evil bastard operator tools
  • NEW Cheese dynamics context apropriation modeling
  • NEW Mini Mung beans (beans of mung for all your network environment)

Minimum system requirementsEdit

The floppy system requires a minimum 386SX with 8Mb memory, VESA compliant graphics bios, a floppy disk drive, a supported network adapter.

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