Nebula is a newly-founded project aimed at creating a series of Linux distributions designed for specific users' needs. Based on the openSUSE platform, Nebula was founded in October 2015. The development team are currently working on the first release: Nebula Origin.

Nebula Origin

Nebula Origin will be the first public release of a Linux OS created by Nebula. It will be a 32-bit system, with the possibility of a 64-bit system following the first initial release.

Origin is currently going through BETA stage 1 (Nebula Origin v0.1-BETA). The BETA will be publicly available to download for users and developers to test the OS, and will be on-line on the Nebula official website around the middle of December 2015. The second BETA (Nebula Origin v0.1.1-BETA) will undergo progress after the first BETA release, and will be available in the New Year.

All BETAs of Origin can be downloaded and tested by anybody up until the full release of the OS. Origin is due to be completed around March/April 2016.

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Many schools use Novell, and it is one of the most widely trusted computer software companies in the U.S. since the 1980s. Currently, Novell still owns openSUSE and it's trademark while giving the rights to any user to modify the code in the software because of the Novell logo down at the bottom of the openSUSE homepage.

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