Nolan Linux is a linux distro that has gone under many major changes since it launched in was created by Nolan Vandiver, it started off with a announcement on Nolan Vandivers facebook page...

"Introducing Nolubuntu

lol it's pretty self explanatory! IT'S A LINUX OS!! Fan-Made!! so exciting!!"

By 2017, Nolubuntu had 47 active users and the Facebook page had about 4 likes...Nolubuntu was rebranded to Nolan Linux on October 29, 2016...while Nolubuntu Project made a announcement on June 29, 2016 about them releasing 3.0 PR4...3.0 is marked for release in March 2017...(UPDATE BY NOLAN HIMSELF ON MARCH 4, 2018: The project is currently in a slowed period of development, and may return to Fedora based)