Personality 2017 Edition is an upgrade version of Personality 2018 And Personality 2016 Edition, It was launched in 30.3.2016 and successor for Personality 2016 Edition.

Personality 2017 Edition

Developer RBLX Finland Team
Working State Current
Source Model Closed/Shared source
First Release March 30,2016 (0.0.1)
Latest Release March 30,2016 (0.0.1)
Available In Many Languages
Update Method Upgrade Service
Kernel Type Linux
License Newt
Preceded By Personality 2016 Edition

Personality 2018 Edition

Succeeded By Personality 2019 Edition
Support Status

Planned Mainstream Support until June 1 2016

Planned Extended Support until November 3 2016


Name Launched Status Using for...
Starter March 30,2016 Active
ABC April 4,2016 Planned

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