The Linux Action Show!, commonly abbreviated to "LAS," is Jupiter Broadcasting's second show (following CastaBlasta), and also one of the most successful. The show is hosted by Chris Fisher and follows the latest news in the free and open source world.Header bg

The show is a long format show, and usually begins with a Linux App Pick and a Android App Pick, which are the host's app recommendations to the audience of the show. Following this Chris presents a very short "runs Linux" segment, where he showcases a particular, usually important or well known, computer system or infrastructure that runs a Linux based OS. Then there is a long news section that covers all of the major Linux related news in the past week before the hosts move on to the main subject of the show, which is usually a review of a new Linux distribution or an interview with a major figure in the Linux or open source world, including Mark Shuttleworth of Canonical, Jono Bacon of Jokosher, Justin Steinman (VP of Marketing for Novell), and Linspire CEO Kevin Carmony.