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Icon-none TinyMe
November 2006 (edit)
Version: 2008.1 (edit)
Release Date: December 10, 2008 (edit)
Next Release: rc2010.08.20 (final release unknown) (edit)
Platform(s): i386 (edit)
Packaging: RPM (edit)
Interface(s): Openbox (edit)
Derivative of: Mandriva (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

TinyMe is a minimalist distribution of Linux aimed at making your computing experience as bloat and lag-free as possible. We do this for those of you who have old computers, like to mess around with small/fast systems, or just want a minimal environment.

More Info

TinyMe is comparable to distributions like Puppy, AntiX, ZenWalk, and DSL. Project Lead: KDulcimer

External Links

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