Icon-none Xubuntu
June 1, 2006 (edit)
Version: 17.04 Zesty Zapus (edit)
Release Date: April 13, 2017 (edit)
Next Release: 17.10 Artful Aardvark (edit)
Platform(s): x86. x86-64, PowerPC (unofficial) (edit)
Packaging: DEB (edit)
Interface(s): Xfce (edit)
Derivative of: Ubuntu (edit)
Home Page: (edit)

Xubuntu (Pronounced: /zù'búntú/) is an official Ubuntu-based operating system. Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop environment because it works well on older machines. Xubuntu is intended for use on less-powerful computers, or those who seek a highly efficient desktop environment on faster systems. It mainly uses GTK+ applications.

Basic Summary

Xubuntu is a fully functional, stable, Xfce based operating system that can run on nearly any computer.

Differences from Ubuntu

Xubuntu, although based on Ubuntu, is a very different operating system.

  • Ubuntu uses the Unity desktop environment, while Xubuntu uses Xfce
  • Xubuntu runs more efficiently on older hardware
  • Xubuntu and Ubuntu include different applications to fill the same role (ex. Chromium vs Firefox)
  • As such, Xubuntu can be used on older machines and work fairly well
  • Xubuntu runs more efficiently on older hardwXubuntu features GTK+ apps that are designed to use less resources than their Gnome counterparts


The first Xubuntu release appeared on 2005, alongside the Ubuntu 5.10. It was avalible only to install package "xubuntu-desktop".

The first official Xubuntu release appeared on June 1, 2006, alongside the Ubuntu 6.06 line (including Kubuntu and Edubuntu) code named Dapper Drake.

Xubuntu-Desktop Package

In Synaptic, you can install the xubuntu-desktop package. This will install everything that Xubuntu has by default onto your Ubuntu (or other Ubuntu derivative) system without needed to completely reinstall your system.

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